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Kurdish language and culture formed on the slopes of the Taurus-Zagros mountain range. Historically, Kurdish language belongs to the Indo-Aryan (Indo-Iranian) eastern descendants of Indo-European family, and was developed between 4,000 and 2,000 years ago which makes Kurdish a language of Neolithic Period.

Regular Kurdish verbs are constructed with -în and -andin suffixes “root word+andin/în” (şik+andin, rev+andin, qet+andin etc.) while irregular verbs are constructed with -in and -n (bijar+tin, guhar+tin, guvaş+tin etc.).

Northern Kurdish (Kurmanji) dialect generally uses the light verbs dan ‘give’ and kirin ‘make’, whereas no occurrence of the causative dan verb is attested in Sorani (Southern Kurdish) but in another form: kuşîn, gûşîn, hilşîn, helgûşîn.

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