Definition of agir

fire, fever, firearm

Other forms

awir, adir, er, aghir, agiar, ar, agni

Example Sentences

- Hewa sar , lema jî meriv agir vêxistin. = It was cold, and so the people make a fire;


Agir derives from the PIE root words of *paewr- or *egni; which is Adar, Agiari, Azar, Azer, Atâr, Adur or Atarš in Avestan and Agni in Sanskrit.

*paewr refers to fire as substance
*egni refers it as living force

Pali aggi,
Proto-Germanic *für,
Old Saxon fiur,
Latin ignis,
Dutch vuur,
German feuer,
English fire

Adar: March (Newroz or Nowruz is celebrated on 21st of March), a Zoroastrian festival and new year.

Agirî: Kurdish city of Agri (Turkey) and Mount Ararat (a volcanic cone = fiery mountain).

As in names of God in Zoroastrianism (Avestan): Adar-bad-gar (Who Changes Fire Into Air), Aadar-Nam-Gar (Who Changes Fire Into Water), Adar-kibritatum (Who Changes Fire Into Jewels)

Atâr, atarš (Av.) Adar, Âdur (Phl.); Fire, the consecrated fire, the son of Ahura Mazda, the yazata of fire.

As in "Azerbaijan": Azer (fire), baygan (protector) deriving from PIE names of Atropatene, Āturpātākān, Ādharbādhagān, Ādhorbāygān and Āzarbāydjān.


ar, artêş, adar
Updated on August 30, 2023

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