1) pig, hog, wild boar;
2) mean, mean-spirited, unkind

wehş, xinzir


Skt varaha- [varahah];
Proto Indo Iranian *varazha;
Av. varaza/waraza;
Persian gorâz;
Arm varaz;

Old English bar “boar, uncastrated male swine,” from Proto-Germanic *bairaz (source also of Old Saxon ber, Dutch beer, Old High German ber “a boar”), which is most likely borrowed from Proto Indo Iranian languages.

* Archeological  sites in Kurdish region (in Turkey); Hallan Çemi (c.9500 BCE) and Çayönü Tepesi (c.9500-6500 BCE), are where initial stage of taming or breeding wild boar take place (Max Price, ASTOR).

Other forms:
berêz, baraz