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dê û bav

Definition of dê û bav

parents, mother and father, mum and dad

Other forms

dayik û bav, dêbav, dêûbav

Example Sentences

- Dê û bav ji zarekên xwe xwedî derdikevin: Parents (mother and father) protect their children.


Root words;

1) dê "mother" (also pronounced as jê/cê, ja/ca)
2) bav "father"

1) dê, da, dayê, dayik, dadê, mader, deyk, mak, daya "mother".

from Avestan
a) dâ "to give, to offer"
b) dâ "to make, to create, to put, to appoint"

ultimately from, Proto-Indo-European root meaning *dā- (*dō-) "to give" and from *dhē-.

Common Anatolian (Hittite, Luwian, Lycian etc.) *da "to give",
Sanskrit dadhati, danam "to give, offering, present",
Hittite dai- "to place",
Greek didomi, didonai, tithenai "to give, offer",
Latin dare "to give, grant, offer," donum "gift",
Old Church Slavonic dati "give" dani "tribute",
Lithuanian duoti "to give" duonis "gift",
Old Irish dan "gift, endowment, talent",
Welsh dawn "gift”.

The Greek word of "Theo-" derive from the Ancient Greek word theos (θεός), which means god also has the same root, and old Germanic word of "theud" (people" or "folk") also linked to the same word.

2) Bav

from Avestan patar from PIE *pəter- "father".

PIE Sky and Earth Myth

In etymology dictionaries, Jupiter described as "supreme deity of the ancient Romans," from Latin Iupeter, Iupiter, Iuppiter, "Jove, god of the sky and chief of the gods" from PIE *dyeu-peter- "god-father", from *deiw-os "god".

In Kurdish version, the name of Jupiter happen to be "dê û bav" (*dyeu-peter) which means "Earth and Sky". Earth is associated with mother (giver, creator etc.). Crops such as grain/wheat asociated with mother earth as "dan" (given) as well as god "xweda [khuda, khoda]" (creator) all related to "da, dê..." (mother).

This can be seen in Germanic and later on Old English ploughing prayer that Earth addressed as Mother and Sky addressed as Father. In the prayer it is asked "Mother Earth with the aid of Father Sky might bring forth a heavy crop." [Indo-European Poetry and Myth, M. L. West].

According to Herodotus Scythians considered Earth to be the wife of Zeus (dyeus), but their name for Zeus was "Papaios" which is "bav, bab, babik" (father) in Kurdish and Earth as "Api".  Indo-European Mother Earth, adopted by the Greeks from neighbour peoples [Indo-European Poetry and Myth, M. L. West].

Updated on March 6, 2023

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