Definition of afirandin

1) to create, make, to invent 2) work, work of art, opus 3) praise, blessing

Other forms

aferandin, efrandin, efirandin, afrândin, afirîn, āfurišn, āfrīn, āfrīwan, afrin, efrîn

Example Sentences

- Her berhem divê li gor dem û rewşa ku tê de hatiye afirandin, were nirxandin. - Every work of art should be evaluated according to the time and conditions in which it was created

- Xwedê em afirandin wê agirperest wê dîsa jî biafirîne. - God created us and he will create again


Avestan afrîn = creation, blessing (ceremony of blessings in Zoroastranism = āfrinagān; āfrīn of gāhānbār, The āfrīn of Zardošt, āfrīn of myazd)
Parthian āfrīwan, āfurišn, frywnsr
Ol Iranian ā-fri
Sanskrit āpri-

In the Jesus āfurišn of Beichtbuch, lines 165ff., the Light Maiden and Great Wahman (Bahman, Behman) are also mentioned.


aferim, aferin
Updated on January 2, 2023

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