Definition of ciwanmêr

1) generous, magnanimous, noble, courteous, gentlemen, 2) brave, chivalrous 3) human being, mortal, the living mortal 4) the first human being in the world [Avestan, holy book of Zoroastrianism].

Other forms

ciwamêr, camêr, comerd, cuwanmêr, cûmerd, cewmerd


From Avestan Gaiio Mərətan, or in medieval Zoroastrian texts as Gayōmard or Gayōmart/Kayōmart.

Consists of two words gaiio (life) and Mar(d) (mortal).

Also known as Keyumars, Gayomart or Kiomars; the name of the first king (shah) of the Pishdadian dynasty of Iran [Shahnameh], it is mentioned as “jayumart” by al-Tabari in 10th century.

Gaiio, key, kay, gay or kio exist as jîyan (jiy-) “life” or ciwan (ciw-) “live, young” and maratan as mir/d in Kurdish (see mirin) meaning living mortal (mankind, human being) as well as brave and generous.

Persian javan mard,
Hindi jawanmerd.


însan, mirov, merov, şexs, xizim, evd, Adem, benîadem, îsan, mêr, kabra, xort, mert, merd, Murad, Mirad, comert, camêr, merivê hêja, mêrxas, zîrek, peyt.

It also exists as a loan word in

Turkish civanmert “brave, bold, magnanimous”, cömert “generous”, Mert, Merd, Murad, Murat (boy names).

Updated on December 25, 2023

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