Definition of cot

1) couple, pair 2) plough, plow (referring to two oxen, horses or other animals used for plough) 3) mate, twosome, engage in sexual intercourse

Other forms

cut, coxt, Gurani jot, Sorani jowt, Zaza/Kirdki cit


From Avesta yuχta- "pair, plough",

From PIE *yeug- "to join".

Sanskrit yugam "yoke" yunjati "binds, harnesses" yogah "union",
Hittite yugan "yoke",
Greek zygon "yoke", zeugnyanai "to join, unite",
Latin iungere "to join", iugum "yoke",
Old Church Slavonic igo,
Old Welsh iou "yoke"
Lithuanian jungas "yoke", jungti "to fasten to a yoke",
Old English geoc "yoke",
Persian cuft,
Tajik çyft.

It forms or part of

English: adjoin, adjust, conjoin, conjugal, conjugate, conjugation, conjunct, disjointed, enjoin, injunction, jugular, jostle, joust, join, joinder, joint, jointure, junction, juncture, junta, juxtapose, juxtaposition, rejoin, rejoinder, subjoin, subjugate, subjugation, subjunctive, syzygy, yoga, yoke, zeugma, zygoma, zygomatic, zygote.

It also exists as a loan word in

Arabic "زواج" or "زوج" "zawaj" (to marry),

Turkish çift (couple), çiftlemek (pairing), çiftleşmek (mating), çiftleşme (mating), çiftletmek, çifte (horse or donkey kick), çiftlik (farm), conta (cunta, konjonktivit), zevç “izdivaç, zevce, çıvgar”, zigot (Zygote).

Updated on December 24, 2023

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