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Kurdish language and culture formed on the slopes of the Taurus-Zagros mountain range. Historically, Kurdish language belongs to the Indo-Aryan (Indo-Iranian) eastern descendants of Indo-European family, and was developed between 4,000 and 2,000 years ago which makes Kurdish a language of Neolithic Period.

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fire, fever, firearm Synonyms: ar, artêş Etymology: Agir derives from the PIE root words of *paewr- or egni; which is Adar, Agiari, Azar, Azer, Atâr and Adur in Avestan and Agni in Sanskrit. *paewr...


wind Examples: Bayê bakur cemidîye. – Northerly wind is cold. Etymology: Proto-Indo-European root meaning *we- "to blow." Sanskrit vāyu (air) or pavana (wind), Avestan Vata (Ave.), Pahlavi Vad...


1) pig, hog, wild boar; 2) mean, mean-spirited, unkind Synonyms: wehş, xinzir


all, entire, total, every individual, whole Examples: – Ev veguhertin hemû hêdî hêdî hatine holê. – These events happened gradually. Etymology: From Avestan (Av.) hâmô [hama,...
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