Definition of spî

1) white, pure, clean, bright and colourless 2) wise/sage/scholar “ruspî” 3) to peel

Other forms

saf/safî (pure), sped, Soranî sipi, Zazaki/Kirdkî sipe/sipê

Example Sentences



From Avestan spaēta- "white" and spanyå [spanyangh] more wise/discreet,

Proto Iranian *suaita-,

Ultimately from PIE root *peue- "to purify, cleanse",

Sanskrit pavate "purifies, cleanses", putah "pure",
Old Azeri (Azerbaijani) espara "white",
Persian safid "white",
Latin putus "clear, pure"
Sogdian sp'yt [spêt],
Pahlavi spêt

Related words and phrases

sufî or sofî (the one purifies his heart), safî “pure”, safî kirin “purify”, sofî “sufi”, sabah, spêd, sibe, spêde “morning”, sîpan (a name of a mountain in Kurdistan - Süphan).

It forms or part of

sufi, sufism, Greek sophistēs “a master of one's craft, a wise or prudent man, one clever in matters of daily life”, sophia, sophos

It also exists as a loan word in

Arabic الصُّوفِيَّة‎ aṣ-ṣūfiyya or tasawwuf "sufism",
Turkish sufi "mystical practicer", tasavvuf “sufism”, mutasavvuf etc.

Updated on March 2, 2024

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