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Definition of roj

1) sun, radiant 3) day, daytime, daylight 2) sun light, shining

Other forms

roz, roc, ruz, rowc, rooz, rosh, rihş, rewş

Example Sentences

- Li demê havînê bi milyona xelk xwe didin ber tava rojê da ku esmer bin - During the summer millions of people lie in the sun to get a tan.


From Avestan (Av.) raoxshnem [raoxshna], raocah- "radiant, shining, bright",

Proto-Indo-European root meaning (*leuk-) "light, brightness",

Sanskrit rocate "shines",
Greek leukos "bright, shining, white,"
Latin lucere "to shine," lux "light," lucidus "clear", radius "ray, spoke, staff, rod",
Old Church Slavonic luci "light",
Lithuanian laukas "pale",
Welsh llug "gleam, glimmer",
Old Irish loche "lightning," luchair "brightness",
Hittite lukezi "is bright",
Old English leht, leoht "light, daylight; spiritual illumination",
German Licht,
Gothic liuhaþ "light",
Old French rai "ray (of the sun)",
Iranian languages rowshan, rahshan, rushen etc.

It also exists as a loan word in

Turkish ruşen, rahşan

Updated on March 19, 2023

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