ber (1)

Definition of ber (1)

1) front, face, near 2) before (time and place), in front of, toward 3) Used in various expressions and refers to; pregnancy/abortion, to be upset/ashamed, because of/for 2) stone, rock, small stone 3) kilim, flat- weave pileless rug, striped woolen pileless rug 4) berry, fruit, fruits of one’s labor, fetus, product, fruit-bearing

Other forms

Example Sentences

- Ber çem: By or on the banks of the river.
- Ber avîtin: To have a miscarriage (of animals).
- Ber çûyîn: To have a miscarriage (of women or animals).


From Avestan pairi- "around", paro "before".

*per- (1): Proto-Indo-European root forming prepositions, etc., meaning "forward" and "in front of, before, first, chief, toward, near, against".

Sanskrit pari "around, about, through", parah "farther, remote, ulterior" pura "formerly, before," pra- "before, forward, forth",
Hittite para "outside of",
Greek peri "around, about, near, beyond," pera "across, beyond," paros "before," para "from beside, beyond," pro "before",
Latin pro "before, for, on behalf of, instead of" porro "forward", prae "before", per "through",
Old Church Slavonic pra-dedu "great-grandfather",
Russian pere- "through",
Lithuanian per "through",
Old Irish ire "farther", roar "enough",
Gothic faura "before",
Old English fore (prep.) "before, in front of", (adv.) "before, previously", fram "forward, from", feor "to a great distance, long ago",
German vor "before, in front of"
Old Irish air-,
Gothic fair-,
German ver-,
Old English fer-


enî, pêş, pêşî, berî, berê, pêşîn, bêyî,

It forms or part of

afford, approach, appropriate, approve, approximate, barbican, before, deprive, expropriate, far, first, for, for-, fore, fore-, forefather, foremost, former (adj.), forth, frame, frau, fret, Freya, fro, froward, from, furnish, furniture, further, galore, impervious, improbity, impromptu, improve, palfrey, par (prep.), para- (1), paradise, pardon, paramount, paramour, parvenu, pellucid, per, per-, percent, percussion, perennial, perestroika, perfect, perfidy, perform, perfume, perfunctory, perhaps, peri-, perish, perjury, permanent, permeate, permit, pernicious, perpendicular, perpetual, perplex, persecute, persevere, perspective, perspire, persuasion, pertain, peruse, pervade, pervert, pierce, portray, postprandial, prae-, Prakrit, pre-, premier, presbyter, Presbyterian, preterite, pride, priest, primal, primary, primate, primavera, prime, primeval, primitive, primo, primogenitor, primogeniture, primordial, primus, prince, principal, principle, prior, pristine, private, privilege, privy, pro-, probably, probe, probity, problem, proceed, proclaim, prodigal, produce, profane, profess, profile, profit, profound, profuse, project, promise, prompt, prone, proof, proper, property, propinquity, prophet, prose, prostate, prosthesis, protagonist, Protean, protect, protein, Proterozoic, protest, proto-, protocol, proton, protoplasm, Protozoa, proud, prove, proverb, provide, provoke, prow, prowess, proximate, Purana, purchase, purdah, reciprocal, rapprochement, reproach, reprove, veneer
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