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Definition of ajotin

1) drive, to ride 2) conduct, to lead / to take place, last, continue, go on, to plough (a field), to enter for, to throw, , to pass, last (of time) 3) to last a long time

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Example Sentences

from Kurdish "ajo-" root word
ajotin: to drive/ride
bajo: drive/ride
najo: do not drive/ride

- Ezê bajom: I will drive
- Tu najo: You dont drive
- Kî hespê diajo?: Who rides the horse?
- Wê ajotin zanibû!: She could drive!


From Avestan az- / aj- "drive" and vaz- "ride",

ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *ag- root meaning "to drive, draw out or forth, move".

Sanskrit ajati "drives," ajirah "moving, active",
Greek agein "to lead, guide, drive, carry off", agon "assembly, contest in the games" agōgos "leader", axios "worth, worthy, weighing as much",
Latin actus "a doing; a driving, impulse, a setting in motion; a part in a play", agere "to set in motion, drive, drive forward", hence "to do, perform", agilis "nimble, quick",
Old Norse aka "to drive",
Middle Irish ag "battle".

Cognate words
act; action; active; actor; actual; actuary; actuate; agency; agenda; agent; agile; agitation; agony; ambagious; ambassador; ambiguous; anagogical; antagonize; apagoge; assay; Auriga; auto-da-fe; axiom; cache; castigate; coagulate; cogent; cogitation; counteract; demagogue; embassy; epact; essay; exact; exacta; examine; exigency; exiguous; fumigation; glucagon; hypnagogic; interact; intransigent; isagoge; litigate; litigation; mitigate; mystagogue; navigate; objurgate; pedagogue; plutogogue; prodigal; protagonist; purge; react; redact; retroactive; squat; strategy; synagogue; transact; transaction; variegate.

Updated on February 26, 2023

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