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Definition of pirs

to ask, question, request, ask for, inquiry, query, search

Example Sentences

- Xwedê ez şandime bal te, ku ez persîva pirsên te bidim. - God has sent me to you to answer your questions.


From Avestan (Av.)
1) pares, peresanguha, pərəs "to ask, to question"
2) peresaiti, frasā "question, inquiry"

PIE root *prek-, pr̥k̑-, perk̑- "to ask, request, entreat, pray for",
Sanskrit prcchati,
Old French preier "to pray",
Latin precari "ask earnestly, beg, entreat",
Old Church Slavonic prositi,
Lithuanian prašyti "to ask, beg",
Old High German frahen,
German fragen,
Old English fricgan "to ask" a question.

Possible connection between price and Kurdish words of pirs "to ask" as well as frotin/frasā "to sell".

PIE *per- "to traffic in, to sell".

Updated on January 22, 2023

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