Definition of lêv

lip, edge

Other forms

Sorani lêw, Zaza/Kirmanckî lew, Hauramani lew, liç, Laki liç

Example Sentences

Zanim mecala name xwend,
Lêvan tebessum kir ji qend. [~1640, Dîwana Melayê Cizirî, Melayê Cizîrî]


Hitite le-ep-zi,
Lithuanian lūpa,
Latvian lūpa,
Old Greek λάπτω (láptō),
Latin labium,
Persian lab,
Tajik lab,
Proto-Germanic *lepjan-,
Dutch lip,
Old High German lefs,
German Lefze,
Swedish läpp,
Danish læbe,
Old English lippa “lip, one of the two sides of the mouth”,
French lippe,
Spanish labio,
Polish liczba,
Portuguese lábio.

It also exists as a loan word in

Turkish leb,
Uzbek lab,
Uighur لەۋ‎ (lew).

Updated on October 1, 2023

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