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Definition of dar

tree, stick

Other forms

Sorani dar = tree, wood, pole, staff, stick, gallows; Zazakî / Kirdkî dar


From Proto-Indo-European root word *deru- or *dreu-, meaning "be firm, solid, steadfast," referring to objects made of wood.

Skt dAru, dru;
Avestan dauru;
O Ir *daru-;
OP daru- = wood;
P dar = wood, gallows;
Gr dory, drys = spear, oak;
Old Church Slavonic drievo = tree, wood;
Serbian drvo = tree, drva = wood;
Russian drevo = tree, wood;
Czech drva,
Polish drwa "wood;"
Lithuanian drūtas = firm, derva = pine, wood;
Welsh drud;
Old Irish dron = strong;
Welsh derw = true;
Old Irish daur;
Welsh derwen = oak;
Albanian drusk = oak;
Old English treo, treow = tree, triewe = faithful, trustworthy, honest.

Updated on January 2, 2023

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