Definition of çar

1) four, the cardinal number four 2) tsar

Other forms

Zaza çer/çeher, Sorani chwar, Gurani chwar

Example Sentences

- Ji van çar padîşahan, tu dixwazî kîjanê ji xwe re bikî nimûne, û çima?: Which of the four kings would you like to imitate, and why?


From Avestan chathru, čathwaro,

Proto-Indo-European root meaning *kwetwer- "four".

Sanskrit catvarah,
Pali catu,
Persian čatvar,
Greek tessares,
Latin quattuor,
French quatre,
Spanish cuatro,
Oscan petora,
Old Church Slavonic četyre,
Russian četyre,
Lithuanian keturi,
Old Irish cethir,
Welsh pedwar.

Related words and phrases

cadre, cahier, carillon, carrefour, catty-cornered, diatessaron, escadrille, farthing, firkin, fortnight, forty, four, fourteen, fourth, quadrant, quadraphonic, quadratic, quadri-, quadrilateral, quadriliteral, quadrille, quadriplegia, quadrivium, quadroon, quadru-, quadruped, quadruple, quadruplicate, quarantine, quarrel, quarry, quart, quarter, quarterback, quartermaster, quarters, quartet, quarto, quaternary, quatrain, quattrocento, quire, squad, square, tessellated, tetra-, tetracycline, tetrad, tetragrammaton, tetrameter, tetrarch, trapezium.

Updated on July 1, 2023

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