pir (2)

Definition of pir (2)

bridge; onstruction or natural feature that spans a divide. Structure built to span physical obstacles.

Other forms

pird, pire, koprî

Example Sentences

- Piştî ku em ji pirekê derbas bûn, ev pir hat bombe kirin. - Just after we arrived and crossed a bridge, it was blown up.


From Avestan perethu "bridge" (as in Chinvat Peretehu),

From PIE root *pertu "pass over" hence "wooden causeway",

Sanskrit chid,
Lycian pri- "over-",
Lydian fra- "across, through",
Lithuanian "pra-, per"
Latin pro;
Proto-Germanic *brugjo,
Old High German brucca,
German brücke,
Old English faran “to go, journey”,
Old Norse fjörðr,
Welsh chwydu,
Old Irish scian,
Gothic skaidan,
Flemish brug,
Serbian brv "footbridge",
Gaulish briva,
Dutch brug.

Updated on May 22, 2023

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