Definition of bilûr

1) Type of flute, shepherd’s flute, end-blown flute, flute, shepherd’s pipe 2) flute (woodwind instrument)

Other forms

bilûl, billûr


Ancient Greek λᾰ́ρῠγξ lárunx "larynx; windpipe; gullet, throat", larynx (genitive laryngos) "the upper windpipe," which is probably from laimos "throat",
Related to Greek pharynx "throat, windpipe",

New Latin larynx.

Related to lull "to calm or hush to sleep" imitative of lu-lu sound used to lull a child to sleep.

Swedish lulla "to hum a lullaby",
German lullen "to rock",
Sanskrit lolati "moves to and fro",
Middle Dutch lollen "to mutter".

To compare with related Kurdish words;
Lûrandin "play a flute" in sense of blowing into a pipe to make sound,
lûlî, lûle "pipe, tube",
lûr lûr "sound of sheperd's flute" as a result of blowing into a pipe to make countinous sound,
lorî or lûrî "lullaby" as to make low, steady and continous sound.



Related words and phrases

bilûrvan (flutist), lûlî "pipe, tube", lûr lûr "sound of sheperd's flute", lûle "pipe, rifle barrel", lûrandin "play a flute", lûrîn "to howl", lorî or lûrî "lullaby".

Updated on March 6, 2023

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