Definition of berz

1) high, loud, peak, top, high rank, tall 2) height of a mountain, rock, wall or building, highest part of building, either free-standing or forming part of a building such as a city wall or castle 3) upward, up in the sky (birc; associated with stars and star signs)

Kurdish root word



From Avestan brzant- "high”, barezayå, barezâ “height; a mountain”, barezimanãm, barez “high, exalted”, barezishta “highest, most exalted”, berezaite “to grow, to grow high, to be exalted, tall, high”,

From *bhergh-, Proto-Indo-European root meaning "high," referring to hills and hill-forts.

Sanskrit b'rhant "high" brmhati "strengthens, elevates",
Old Persian bard- "be high”
Greek Pergamos (Bergama),
Old Church Slavonic bregu "mountain, height",
Old Irish brigh "mountain”,
German/Norwegian berg,
Welsh bera "stack, pyramid”,
English burg, bury, borough,
French bourg,
Swedish borg.


bala, bilind, jor, dirêj, berjor, birc

Related words and phrases

It forms or part of

borough, borg, bury, borgo, bourgh, burgh, barrow "mound, hill, grave-mound", belfry, borough, bourgeoisie, burg, burgess, burgher, burglar, faubourg, iceberg.

It also exists as a loan word in

Arabic: برج [burj] as in Burj Al Arab
Turkish burç

Updated on August 30, 2023

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