Sorani Kurdish Vocabulary

Circumflexed vowels follow uncircumflexed vowels in alphabetization. The furtive i
is indicated by italicization, e.g. bâwik ‘father’ but bâwkî ‘his father.’
Abbreviations: adj. = adjective; cond. = conditional; demon. = demonstrative;
imprs. = impersonal (verb is always in the 3rd person singular); impt. = imperative;
pl. = plural; pron. = pronoun; sing. = singular; subj. = subjunctive; pres. = present;
v.i. = verb intransitive; v.p. = verb passive; v.t. = verb transitive (transitive implies
that the past tense is formed on the ergative model, not that the verb necessarily
takes a direct object either in Kurdish or in English).
Generally, compound verbs are listed under the nonverbal element of the com-
pound; compounds with frequently-occurring elements like dâ-, hał, and pe- are
listed under the verb.